Buying second-hand goods is certainly risky, but because of its extremely low prices, there are some people still would like to buy second-hand inflatables.

Did you get a good deal or continued someone else’s problem inflatable?  You need to use your eyes, your ears and your nose to judge.  Use a little intuition to know whether the used inflatable you’re considering buying. Is it a good investment or a complete waste of money? Before you buy used inflatable equipment, you need to consider the following points. 

A few tips to pay attention to when buying a 2nd hand inflatable product.

1. Checking the manufacturer information

Is it a larger manufacturer with a great reputation? Or is it just a guy working in a garage on his own? A manufacturer’s reputation and track record can provide you with key buying information. 

2. Who is the seller?

If the seller is a private individual,then you may get a better price. But if the manufacturer produce this inflatables by themselves. It is in a better way to repair the inflatable or provide a warranty. 

3. Why does the seller want to sell?  

Some rental companies generally do not sell their inflatables. Unless the product has been used for too many years or has many shortcomings. If sellers have denied these two issues, it’s time to look at the inflatable products.  The best way to evaluate the inflatable. You should inflate it by yourself. If for some reason you are unable to check in person, please request the competely inflatable video when inflating.

The best thing you can do is to check this inflatable by yourself, your eyes are the most important tool for the checking. Look for obvious wear, such as where the thread has come off,whether the surface of PVC material is frayed, and the seams are blown or not.

Check the pressure of the inflatable, you can go up and jump on it. Also check the bottom carefully. Does the inflatable appear to be dragged repeatedly? Are there any mildew spots, tears, scratches, or glue repairs? Is it clean? Keep away from any inflatable equipment that has a strong musty smell. Because it never goes away.

If possible, ask for proof of purchase also. This way we can know the true age of the inflatable.Another bonus is proving that the inflator wasn’t stolen. Ask for test certificates also, manuals and any maintenance records.

About buying used blowers/fans. Double-check the wires for frays. Check for normal appearance and listen the sounds when inflating. When looking at used inflatables and blowers, it’s a good idea to bring someone with experience together.

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