Inflatables are not only bring joy to children, adults may also enjoy a little fun from the inflatables. Consider throwing a party in your backyard with some inflatable games for adults. But what inflatable games can adults play? Here are the top 6 games that are perfect for kids and adults.

  1. Mechanical Bull

Electric Bull is the best inflatable game for adults. Buy or rent a bull that both children and adults can play with. Compete to see who can stay on the bull the longest, accompanied by the best music. Whoever wins gets a reward, so much fun! It’s sure to bring endless fun to your party.

2. Bungee Run Inflatable

This inflatable game usually has two or three separate lanes. When playing, it will be connected to the back of the inflatable wall through an elastic rope, and another end of the rope hook will be connected to the competitor’s body. Usually, we will provide the competitor with a vest to protect. And then the competitor will run hard to the end of lane. See who has more power and runs farther.

3. Meltdown Bounce House

Are you ready to challenge this game with your friend? The challenge begins: when the horizontally inflated spinning rods try to knock you out, you must jump up to avoid them while still landing firmly back on your base. See who can last the longest, who is the winner!

4. Inflatable Climb Wall

An inflatable climbing game is not really a mountain, it’s a fun party activity that will make you fall in love with the climb. The best part is that the inflatable climber has multiple sides, so several guests can climb at the same time and see who can get to the top first.

5. Hippo Chow Down Inflatable

This is a live-action Hippo inflatable that can be played by 4 people together, each tied to the perimeter of an inflatable circle with bungee cords, as they try to run to a central pool filled with colorful balls. Whoever gets the most quantity balls who wins! So much funny!

6. Inflatable Maze

The inflatable jungle maze allows us to enjoy trying our way through the maze, who can try it as many times as possible in the shortest time is the winner. It is especially suitable for use on Halloween.

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