Children between the ages of 6 and 13 are usually safe on bouncy castles.  Because if they fall, they are free to get back up.  When other children play together inside, they are also less likely to get hurt. Children under the age of 6 are at risk.  Children who cannot stand or walk difficult should not play bouncy castles as they may be knocked down by jumping or other children’s bouncing may cause them to fall.  

Of course,there are also bouncy castles for toddlers.  These inflatables have low walls to provide easy access for parents to supervise their children,and the parents need to pay much when the toddler playing all the time. 

Children’s birthday parties and summer carnivals feature inflatable trampolines, like a bouncy castle and moonwalk. This can be a source of fun and entertainment for children. Injuries such as fractures and concussions may also occur, so please avoid playing with inflatables for very young babies.

Children who are too old are also not suitable for bouncy castle because their height and weight exceed those used by ordinary castles. And children of this age are no longer interested in small castles, they prefer more of obstacles and larger inflatable parks.

It is also not suitable for old children and small children to play together. Big children are strong and may cause small child to fall when they are jumping.

It must be ensured that only the right number of children and the right age children play together on the bouncy house. This provides a safe and fun environment for all children involved.

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