Hot Weather And Bouncy Castle

Due to the PVC material used in bouncy castles, they can get very hot, especially playing in the midday sun in summer, where the temperature will reach 47 degrees. The temperature of the bouncy castle should be closely attention at this time. If the temperature is too high, the inflatables should be deflated immediately and stopped using. Since children are particularly sensitive to heat stroke and dehydration, we always need to pay much attention of safety! They should also always wear appropriate clothing to avoid skin touch with the bouncy castle in hot conditions.

When children use bouncy castles in hot weather, they need to drink a lot of water to prevent heat stroke.

Of course, if they play with water slide in the hot summer, that is no problem!

Cold Weather And Bouncy Castle

While cold weather poses a lower risk to bouncy castles than hot weather, it is important to protect bouncy castles from wind, rain and snow. Wet and cold weather can put children at risk of slips and injuries.

In cold weather, most bouncy castles cannot be rented outdoors. This is also because the cold weather presents a challenge to protect the bouncy castle. Any bouncy castle should be on hard ground with the stakes fastened to the ground, which meets all safety requirements. In cold weather, this can be much more difficult.

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