Most inflatables are made from durable, waterproof PVC materials, so they can resist rain. For best results, keep them out of low areas where puddles form. Keep them clean by avoiding locations where mud might splash on them when it rains.

But bouncy castles are not recommended to be used in heavy rain, heavy winds or snow due to health and safety issues. And bad weather not only cause user injured. It will also cause wear and tear on your bouncy castles.

Children do need to be removed from the equipment during heavy rain, as the inflatable bed and mat can become slippery. Children will fall easily and casued serious hurt. But the inflatable should stay inflated to allow rain to run off faster.

Do not use a bounce house when it rains, lightning strikes, or winds exceed 20 MPH. If the inflatable was wet and struck by lightning, it could have electrocuted anyone there. Lightning is unpredictable, which is why places like Water Park get everyone out of the water during a storm.

And most attention is the air blower can not be used in the storm, once the water enter, easy to cause thedamage and electricity insecurity problems.

If the bouncy castle is wet, the easiest way to dry out a bouncy castle is to let it run in the sun for about 6 hours or more. You’ll want to grab a towel and use your hands to get as much water out. Use a towel to wipe down any corners and between seams. If there is a zipper, pls partially open the zipper. This will help to allow moist air to escape from the bounce room.

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