When you want to run an inflatable rental business, you certainly hope to earn much money. Because you are the first time to start the rental business, you have no experience. What mistakes should avoid?

Don’t buy the cheapest inflatables for the rental business

A lot of inflatable rental companies never throw away their inventory, but resell it online for extremely low prices. Don’t think it’s a good investment : it’s usually a faulty inflator, or even broken. And if your product looks dirty and torn, your customers won’t want to rent such poor quality inflatables.

Charge customers high rental fees

In the beginning, you charge customers expensiver fee, which will lead to the poor business. First of all, you need to understand your competitors, how they charge, and whether they will have some promotions during holidays. You can learn from them.

Do not know the target audience of the market

Usually require more inflatables are community centres, schools, local authorities, family birthday parties and church., etc. You can contact them and tell them what you can offer.

No publicity, people don’t know your rental company

You may need to make a professional website with a nice logo and send out some flyers. And it takes you a longer time to do so. It is also possible to distribute some business cards at the event and keep all clients profiles. It is very helpful to expand your business later.

Buy larger inflatables start your rental business

Large inflatables require much investment, and the rent fee will be correspondingly expensive, so there will be very few renting customers. Small bouncy castles, moonwalk bouncy castle combo and disco domes are very popular and it is a good choice for start-up inflatable renters.

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