Bouncy castle and other inflatables are great entertainment for children and adults, however, the most important thing to avoid accidents and injuries is to keep this huge inflatables fastened.

Most commercial bouncy castles should be secured with long steel stakes, please do not use plastic stakes as plastic stakes do not have the strength of steel stakes. You should choose steel stakes that are 30 to 40 inches long and install them at each corner. Make sure the stake is pressed down into firm ground at a 45-degree angle, pulling the rope taut. And the rope you use should also be strong enough to prevent your inflatable from falling off or being blown away. Be sure to mark around the stakes to prevent someone from tripping over it.

In addition to steel stakes, sandbags can also be used to secure them. Sandbags are generally used for concrete floors or indoor use. However, rough rock or cement blocks are not recommended as they can easily wear down the material of the bouncy castle.

Even if you fixed your inflatable jumper with steel stakes or sandbags, that doesn’t mean it’s unconditionally safe. First of all, the bouncy castle must be placed on a flat ground. Secondly, you need to pay special attention to the weather of the day, do not set up an inflatable when the wind speed exceeds 20MPH.

So, when buying a bouncy castle or water slide for your children, pls ask the manufacturer for inflatables and blowers, and also pay attention to suitable anchoring accessories. When you order an inflatable, you can easily buy all useful inflatable accessories from the manufacturer.

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