We know that the place where the inflatable slides slide down need a separate sliding cloth to increase its sliding speed. However, after buying a new bouncy castle, some customers found that the child could not slide down the slide quickly when playing, or could slide down, but the slide was not smooth and the speed was too slow, which directly affected the rental business.

If the child can’t slide down, it will not be fun, especially when the weather is hot, this kind of situation is more obvious. So why is there such a situation that the slide does not slide?

The slightly larger bouncy castles have slides at the back, so they are often called inflatable slides. According to different sizes, the height of the inflatable slides is different. The function is that children climb up and then slide down through the slides. Exciting, kids love it!

The main reason for not sliding down or sliding down smoothly is the layer of cloth on the slideway, which should have been a special sliding cloth (slightly thicker). The sliding cloth is the ordinary PVC cloth used to make the bouncy castle. After a special production process, the surface is relatively smooth, so that it is spread on the slideway. Because the surface is smooth, the child slides down very quickly.

However, in order to save costs, some manufacturers have changed the slides that should be covered with special sliding cloths to ordinary PVC cloths (slightly thinner), which reduces the cost, but directly causes the children to slide down the slides, or slide down very slowly., not smooth.

At this time, the problem can only be solved by replacing the special sliding cloth, but it will cost some money again. Therefore, for new customers, they may not understand the reason. It seems that everything is similar. When they buy cheap products, they are often cut corners by manufacturers. If you need high quality or custom bouncy castle slide products, please contact us East Inflatables Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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