Jurassic Aventure is a size of 29ft(L)x23ft(W)x18ft(H) inflatable obstacle course. From the tooth obstacle enter to a climbing wall with access to a wide slide. This inflatable also features dinosaurs that children can ride. Jurassic Adventure Obstacle is an adventurous ride, and it can accommodate 10 kids at a time!

Children enter through an ancient dinosaur bone field, then ropes guide you along the rocky terrain of the mountain’s surging volcanoes. If you can’t handle the heat, take the fastest route to the bottom on the 10 feet inflatable slide. Then, the kids had a blast riding two rock dinosaurs. This is an unforgettable adventure!

This inflatable playground is huge! This inflatable toy is perfect for any big event or any meaningful activity for kids. Come and have a Jurassic adventure!

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