If you want to use your bouncy castle outside, tarps are great insurance to protect your bouncy castle. It’s great if you already have one you can use. Some people will buy one specifically tarp for their bouncy castle and store it together, it’s more conveniently. If you are buying an inflatable, we recommend you buy a tarp also. It’s durable, waterproof, and comes with different quality.

Before you inflate the inflatable, you should lay a tarp on the ground that is large enough to completely separate the bouncy castle from the grass. And if the bouncy castle size is about 13′ x 13′, you will need at least a 13′ x 13′ or even 15′ x 15′ tarp.

A tarp is a large sheet of material designed to protect something from damage. It’s kind of like a giant blanket that you can use to cover something to help keep it safe. As to the inflatables, tarp may keep the bottom of the bouncy castle clean and dry. Prolong the service life of the inflatables.

Our factory offer 2 kinds of traps: one is normal quality ground trap, another is better quality PVC trap.

Our normal quality trap size is 6m(L)x4m(W)/20ft(L)x13ft(W), the price is $20/pc. To be honest, it is break easily after use it for several times.

Another better quality trap size is the same 6m(L)x4m(W)/20ft(L)x13ft(W), the price is $100/pc. Both this 2 sizes are for small bouncy castles put on the ground.

If you want to buy one trap for your bigger obstacle course and water slides and other bigger size inflatables, it may need to customized according to the inflatables size. Usually the ground trap size needs to bigger than the bouncy castle.

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