When we use a bouncy castle, we may need an air blower to inflate all the time!

If you plan to run the fan all day, you can stop the air blower every 4 hours or so for 10-15 minutes to allow the blower to cool down. Overheating is uncommon, but a circuit breaker is built in to protect the blower function.

The bouncy castle might get wet, but the blower and the wires don’t. Water entering the blower may damage equipment, and it is best to keep water away from it. Be careful to completely cover the blower though.

The inflatable blower is basically a big fan that throws air into your bouncy castle to inflate it. You simply plug them into an outlet, attach the bouncer’s air tube to the blower, flip the blower on, and leave the blower running until the party is over and everyone is done bouncing.

What size blower do you need for your bounce house? The smaller 12ftx12ft bounce house should be used with a 1 HP blower. Larger commercial inflatable water slides and inflatable obstacle courses typically may use 1.5 HP to 2 HP blowers. And sometimes very bigger size inflatables may need several 2HP air blowers inflate at the same time. Especially the giant inflatable park, it may need 8-10pcs air blowers or even moreļ¼

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