We’re excited to bring a fantastic range of inflatable bars to your garden and events. You can choose the size of the pubs according to the size of your venue. We have a variety of sizes and styles pubs to choose from.

The size of this bar introduced to you today is 10m(L)x5m(W)x6m(H)/33ft(L)x16ft(W)x20ft(H). There is a big brazier inside, which makes your winter feel very warmth. Sofas, tables and chairs can be placed inside, and many friends can gather together for gatherings, chatting, and having dinner. It can also be equipped with a sound system, you can choose your favorite music from your mobile phone or USB, and you and your friends can dance the night away.

If you use the bar when you have an event, people will definitely be attracted to it. Because the bar is really cool, you can also do some advertising on the bar door. Our Inflatable party pub is extremely popular.

You may find this pub more details by this video:

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