Water slides are very popular during the hot season, and it is very important for any event or birthday party, children love water slides very much. But when before you use the water slide, pls pay much attention to the following:

1. Space: You must have enough space to place the water slide. Please measure the length, width and height of your space before renting.

2. Types of water slides: Water slides come in a variety of price and sizes, you need to consider your budget, the age of player and size of the space you will use. Water slides are generally divided into 3 main categories: normal slides, medium slides and larger water slides. The type of slide can be selected according to the age of the children.

3. Connect with water: In order to use the water slide, you need to use water continuously throughout the play. The hose needs to be connected to water all the time.

4. Electricity: You also need to connect to the power supply conveniently. If the place where you play is not convenient to connect to the power supply directly, you need to ask the rental company if it can provide a generator.

5. Setting up: Please make sure the setting area of the water slide is level. There are no sharp bumps on the ground. If you want to install on concrete, tell the rental company and they will set it up for you.

6. Anchoring: For safety, please remember to fix the water slide before playing. This is very important when using any inflatables!

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