Most homeowners want a healthy lawn in their backyard. A green lawn makes the yard look great. But they also want to put one bouncy castle for children play in the yard. So, when an inflatable castle is placed in the yard, will the bounce house destroy the grass? The short answer is: no, bouncy castles don’t destroy lawns.

Methods of discoloration always involve some combination of dryness and high heat, both of which are common in summer. There are other factors to consider; weeds and bugs are common culprits.

But now there’s good news: grass is incredibly resilient, and discolored grass isn’t usually broken. The grass goes dormant when it suffers, so the color changes. However, it’s not dead…it’s just resting. It’s waiting for conditions to improve before it restores color again.

Most of the time, just a little watering and a little patience can bring discolored grass back to its green color. If there are larger underlying problems, such as insects or weeds, these may need to be solved first. But in most cases, lawn discoloration is simply a matter of dryness and heat, and can be easily restored with a sprinkle of water.

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