Renting or buying a bouncy castle can release energy for kids and keep them entertained throughout the day, avoiding the damage of electronic products to the eyes.

Today I recommend one Canadian Toronto warehouse castle. This is a very popular bouncy castle for children. The size is also very good, 15ft(L)x15ft( W)x14ft(H) is very suitable to be placed in the house or the backyard, it takes up very little space, and it is very convenient to blow and pack.

Its color matching is also very good-looking, yellow and green, which makes it clear at a glance from a long distance. Kids can bounce and play basketball to their heart’s content!

More important, it is now available in our Toronto warehouse. Now you only need CAD1995 to take this castle home immediately! Buy anytime and pick up anytime! Hurry up to the Toronto warehouse to buy it! Quantity only one!

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