This inflatable bumper ball material is 100% PVC, 1.5m/5ft in diameter; the size is 59″X54″. Compared to traditional bumper cars or bumper boats, this bumper ball is more flexible and fun. There are also various colors, including red and blue dots/blue dots/red dots/transparent/half blue/half green/half red.,etc. Suitable for children over 8 years old and adults.

Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to inflate: it takes 1-3 minutes to inflate with the blower. Suitable for many places: parties, family gatherings, beaches, parks to play inflatable bumper balls with many friends. Inflatable Bubble Balls are suitable for multiplayer games. Our balls are made of 1.5mm 100% PVC for better sealing and long-term use. This bubble ball has 2 handles and 2 adjustable shoulder straps inside for more safety and convenience. No need to worry about your health and safety. Explosion-proof and durable.

When playing, this ball has two handles inside. The person just goes in through the middle and grabs the 2 handles. After the game starts, the players put on bumper ball equipment, collide in the specified field, and knock the opponent out of the specified area to win.

You can experience the freedom of bouncing and flipping as you bump into each other with your friends. In addition, inflatable bumper ball can also exercise and improve physical fitness.

Before use, please carefully check whether the product is well sealed and see if the handle is safe, please do not use it on the ground with sharp objects, and do not use it on ordinary concrete floors. It is best to play on soft grass as much as possible. Do not use for babies who are too small!

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