As we all know, there are various types of inflatables. Combo is short for combination, which means to combine different things together. Inflatable is started with only one bouncy castle, and slowly the inflatables may add some other combinations together. Now the inflatable combo is basically a bouncy castle link with wet slide/dry slide or other parts.

It is mainly divided into 4 types:

(1) Dry combo

(2) Wet combo

(3) Wet and dry exchange combo

(4) Modular combo

The following are the differences between these combos:

1) Dry combo

Dry combo inflatable is usually bouncy castle with one dry slide. Children can jump on the castle and slide down the slide.

2) Wet combo

This is an inflatable combo with a pool, so-called wet combo or water bouncy castle. Children can play water in the pool outside the castle.

3) Wet and dry exchange combo

This inflatable combination is that the end pool can be removed: when the pool was installed, it is a wet combo. When the pool was taken away, it is a slide, which is a dry combo. They may exchange each other.
4) Modular combo

Compare to other combos, modular combo is more interesting: it may include small obstacles, small tunnels, climbing walls and slides.,etc.

Combo is the perfect for kids because kids can try many fun things at the same time. Jumping and sliding at the same time is absolutely great. The inflatable combo is suitable for all seasons. Whenever your children’s birthday or other events, they are sure to have more fun!

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