Inflatable bouncy castles and slides are increasingly popular with kids at birthday parties and family events, but safety is always the most important. Bouncy castles are generally safe, but in some bad weather conditions they can be dangerous. Building a bouncy castle or inflatable slide in unsafe conditions can be very dangerous to children.

One of the biggest dangers when playing with inflatables is windy. When using an inflatable, be sure to fix every corners of the inflatables to the ground. Even though we had it all fixed, strong winds would still pull up the stakes and hold up the bouncy castle, and inflatables would slide off the ground and carry people into the air.  Never use inflatable products in winds of more than 20 miles per hour!

Regarding the safety of the bouncy castle, children are strictly prohibited from playing in the outdoor bouncy castle in windy days. In the windy season, if the bottom of the bouncy castle is not fixed enough, it is easy to be blown down by the wind. In this weather condition, do not take children to play to avoid accidental injury. In some areas have strong winds, you need to pay special attention to safety issues!

In strong wind areas, indoor use is more recommended.

For safety reasons, there are 5 situations should not play Bouncy Castle:

1. Don’t play with bouncy castles that are not fixed.

2. Don’t play in the windy weather.

3. Don’t play if there are too many children on one bouncy castle.

4. Don’t play when there is insufficient air pressure in the bouncy castle. 

5. Don’t play in the heavy rain or snow weather.

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