It’s winter now, but I’m sure you’re already thinking about the various activities that spring is coming. Is it better to rent an inflatable or buy one? Let’s analyze this problem.

1. Bouncy Castle Fees

If you plan to rent a bouncy castle, expect most rent cost at least $200. Taking into account staff, shipping fee and taxes, the total would probably be $500 or so. If bigger obstacle courses, the fee may more much. A commercial-grade bouncy castle will cost you at least $2,000 or so. If you can use it for more than one event a year, you might find it a pretty good deal. In addition, you also need to consider the following questions.

2. Bouncy Castle Storage

If you choose to purchase an inflatable, you will need to consider the storage space. Also, transporting and storing these inflatables requires a lot of manual labor. Your storage space also needs to be dry and free from any direct sunlight. But if you don’t have room to store your inflatables, renting one inflatable is the best choice.

3. Bouncy Castle Maintenance

The most important thing about an inflatable is that it needs to be maintained. Inflatables need to be washed and dried regularly after using. After a few years of normal use, seams can tear and partitions can tear. While some of these issues can be easily fixed with patches, if there is a larger hole, you will need to have it patched by a professional, it may need to pay for the patch also.

4. Inflatables Insurance

Perhaps one of the most important yet most inflatables at your event may need the insurance. You need to choose a reputable insurance company, they will help you with the corresponding insurance, which is also needs to pay some fee.

If your business or family hosts multiple events each year and you may deal with the above issues, you’d be better purchase the inflatables for your own use. After a few years, you can easily get back the cost through rent. If you only have one or two events a year and want to maintain the ability to choose from a variety of different attractions and never deal with any hassle, you’d better stick with the rentals!

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