Before renting a bouncy castle, you may first need to consider the purpose of renting this castle, is it for a birthday party or for an event? To make sure you get the bouncy castle on the day of the event or a party, therefore you need to make a reservation in advance. You need to book it at least one month in advance. Because if you order late, maybe the good-looking styles have already been ordered, or all the inflatables have already been ordered.

Renting your favorite castle in advance is the most important thing. Also, you need to know how to use a bounce house safely. How to secure your inflatables firmly to the ground? Do they provide fixed iron stakes? Is the bouncy castle for indoor or outdoor use? Safety use is the most important thing. Then you need to understand the safety rules for using, such as the attentions for the bouncy castle. You also need to know the rental policy, how long you can rent it, and do they have insurance? Are the inflatables were cleaned and sanitized? Rent and pickup time., etc.

Pls pay more attention to the local rental companies, they will have rental promotion, and the rent price is very cost-effective at this time!

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