In Toronto, renting a small bouncy castle usually costs $175/day, and rent a combo costs $225/day. Medium bouncy castle rental – $195 for 9 hours – $250 for one day – $375 for 4 days, price includes installation and rental fee.

Renting this bouncy castle is cost-effective for a short period of time, but if you rent it for more than one week, it may also cost much money. In comparison, buying a bouncy castle is more cost-effective!

Usually more than 1500 Canadian dollars can buy a normal bouncy castle without a slide. In your yard, kids can play without worrying about running out of time. This castle, if you take good care of it, is usually still in good condition for 3-5 years, which is a great deal!

Now our Toronto warehouse inflatables are on hot sale, and the prices are very good! Most important: there’s no need to wait, just in Toronto you can buy our commercial grade inflatables! Good quality with excellent price! What you buy is what you earn!

We only left 12pcs castle and combos in our Toronto stock now! Quantity is really limited, come to buy promptly! Our warehouse open time is 10:00-5:00 Monday to Friday. If you want to pick up on weekends, you need to make an appointment with in advance!

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