Inflatables are a good choice to any backyard party. However, before renting one, you will need to take some measurements of your backyard. Depending on the size, choose an inflatable that is larger enough to accommodate everyone at the party.

Make sure an electrical outlet is available (within 100 feet of the setup site) and that your yard is the right size, surface and grade for your rental. Follow these tips to make sure you have the right space.

Resize your backyard putting a bouncy castle or water slide in a small backyard is a bad idea for several reasons. You need to make sure your guests have enough space to move around the inflatables without getting hurt by flowers and surrounding buildings. Most bouncy castles require at least 15 feet of vertical clearance, while most larger inflatables may require as much as 20 feet. Our largest one needs to be at least 22 feet, while a small castle might only need 10 feet. Slides with slide decks can extend up to 70 feet, so make sure to measure your yard before securing your next rental!

Check surface and inflatables must be placed on a relatively level surface; smooth surfaces like grass or parking lot asphalt are best for bouncy castles; avoid sharp gravel or large landscape rocks for best results. Once you’ve settled on the perfect setup for your inflatable, just enjoy the party!

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